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Southern E-mail Group

The Southern E-mail Group is an informal discussion forum for modellers of the Southern Railway, Region and its pre-grouping constituents. The Group's Home Page explains more.

The main purpose of my personal pages is to make available to other members of the group some photos and drawings of interest.

Radius to use for radial axle/pony truck on model locos:
The formula provides the length of the truck radius bar (or in other words, the position of the centre of the radius) of a radial loco (e.g. on an 0-6-2T or a 2-6-0 loco). This is "J.D.Baldry's Method" from the 1928 Locomotive Engineer's Pocket book, which claims to be mathematically correct, and quite independent of the radius of the track curvature. It works well for me!

SR Coach Plates:
Page showing photos and dimensions of Tare, Restriction and Dimension plates as used on the ends of SR carriages.

Stroudley six-wheel coaches:
This page was written following correspondance in which it was clear that there was a shortage of drawings available for the underframe arrangements for these coaches.

Bulleid Carriage Side-light Drawings
Drawings taken from measurements of preserved coaches, initially done for Greg Goodman who wanted to produce some etched sliding-vent frames.

Bulleid Carriage Underframes
Measurements of the underframe trussing on 1464, and photos of the underframes of this coach and 4279, done for a member of the SRLHCS group.

Improving the Hornby SR coaches
The old Hornby SR coaches (R441 Composite and R445 Brake 3rd) were enticing, but unfortunately we believe them to be the work of a designer from S*indon. All is not lost, however. The changes described will make them rather more "Southern" in appearance. This page has been somewhat superceeded by the arrival, at the end of 2007, of Hornby's quite superb new Maunsell coaches.

The SEmG September 1999 outing to the Kent & East Sussex Railway
Photos from a couple of the participants on this get-together.

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