Improving the (old) Hornby SR coaches

This page is somewhat redundant, following the release, at the end of 2007, of a fantastic new range of Hornby SR Maunsell coaches, but is left here in case anyone is interested! Some of the notes on the interior still apply.
The old type of Hornby SR coaches (R441 Composite and R445 Brake 3rd) were enticing, but unfortunately we believe them to be the work of a designer from S*indon. All is not lost, however. The following changes will make them rather more "Southern" in appearance:

There are plenty of remaining problems, such as the 5-compartment brake (Maunsell ones were either 4 or 6), the composite having 4x3rd and 3x1st compartments (wheras the SR always had 4x1st, 3x3rd) and the non-SR bodyside profile, without the profile-change for the brake van, so they have to be Restriction One stock, which also excuses the lack of a guards ducket. The bogies are also all wrong. But it's a quick way of making some coaches (already painted and lined) which give the right impression (but no more) for an SR layout.

For an authentic SR coach, make the Ian Kirk ones! They're worth it. You can never have the Hornby ones visible on your layout at the same time as the Kirk ones, since the differences are too obvious!

Interior painting:

First class seats: If you don't fancy painting "floral pattern" moquette, then a dull pinkish-red will do. Maybe Black for the 50's-60's

Third class seats: a greenish or light brown (1930s) or dark reddish or dark orange (chainlink -red pattern on black; or candy-stripe - orange and black stripes) for the 50s and 60s.

Interior: all classes above head height: White.

Woodwork: Corridors and compartment interiors: First class - Walnut maybe with sycamore panelling, so dark brown with light beige panels. Partitions on corridor side walnut below waist. Above, between compartment windows: walnut surrounding panels of Sycamore or silver-wood (both beige).

Third Class - Mahoganny, so a slightly lighter reddish-brown, but otherwise much as above.

Above the seats: three view-frame panels per side. On my Ian Kirk Maunsells I've painted the partitions above the seats brown and then stuck small oblongs of crayon-coloured white paper in the positions of the view frames.

For photos of this type of coach, see:
Bluebell Railway Maunsell coaches via the stock list.

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