The Sept 1999 SEmG Get-together - 1 (of 6)

The Kent & East Sussex Railway

Photo from Paul Scott: Did anyone get photos of the dining cars?
(Yes, Ian Morgan has a couple on his page of Photos from that day)

From left to Right: Geraldine Mills, Ron Johnstone, Roger Scott, a Stroudley "Terrier", which somehow got into the picture, Richard & Deborah Salmon, Martin Love, Chris Gardner, Pamela Love, Carole & Graham Boseley, David Mills.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day out, dining on the KESR's Pullman dining train, the Wealden Belle, which left us with plenty of time at the start and end of the day to ride the Victorian Train, and look in the Colonel Stevens Museum at Tenterden or the loco yard viewing platform at Rovelden. Some other members of the group, who hadn't booked for the lunch, met up with us at Northiam on the first train of the day.

My vote for a 2000 meeting is Swanage, and someone else to organise it!

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